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youxsomeone's Journal

You x Someone!
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Love a video game character? Anime character? That's what we're all about! Post here saying who you would like to be paired with! (hence the you x someone title XD)


Everyone gets 2 claims =D
You can claim anyone from anything! XDD
And hm...that should be it...XD

Claim list: [Updated on 02-08-03]

gakkun x Gackt claimed by gakkun
Kelsie x W. Axl Rose claimed by rinoa
Ann'uh' x Seto Kaiba claimed by totalkaos
Minyafalas x Daniel Bedingfield claimed by minyafalas
Miya x Die claimed by jaded_purity
Yuuki x Tasuki claimed by suzakunomiko
Blaze x Omi claimed by crimson_wings
Takeshi x Chika claimed by chika_jin
Jen x Jounouchi claimed by orca_freak
Tara x Aki claimed by aki_mikage
Quistisfan x Faye Valentine claimed by quistisfan
Jocey x Sephiroth claimed by bubble_tea
brian1 x Rei Ayanami claimed by brian1
anime_angel x Kyo Sohma claimed by anime_angel
sakura_sama x WooHyuk claimed by sakura_sama